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Love Liberty Pizza. We have lived around the corner for 4 years now and order from Liberty about twice a month. They are always friendly and I have a regular order and when I alter it slightly they will ask to make sure about the few details I make to the order. Have never had a major complaint. Really love the pizza. I'm happy we have it around the corner. Always our choice when I don't feel like cooking and we are hungry right now.


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The amount of burger you can get for $8.20 here is ridiculous. $8.20 for a two-patty burger and fries is amazing. The pizza fries for $3.95 is an entree by itself. I paid under $20 after food+tax+fee+$5tip for a meal that eventually got split by three people (mostly because of all the leftover fries). Driver got here ten minutes sooner than grubhub's early estimate.

They WILL be seeing more orders from this household. Good lord.


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Any restaurant that will prepare food and deliver to my house is a 5/5, when the food is delicious it's worth reviewing. Chicken parmesan over penne, worth noting that they put the breaded chicken over the pasta in the container then melted the cheese in the oven in the container for solid chess coverage. Well thought out. Good food and fast delivery. I do want to note the broccoli with old bay, for $3 its worth it.


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There needs to be a scale that pizza places use because the more toppings one adds, I feel like the longer the pie needs to be baked. I would totally order from this place again, the pizza was still very good - the next time I will ask if they can do it well done if I'm getting that many toppings. I ordered the house special, it's delicious!


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I order the grilled chicken quesadilla every friday from this place. Sometimes the order runs a little late, but I expect that since its a friday. I love the quesadilla. It comes with a salad (I don't usually eat the salad, but its a nice little add on). I also really like the grand variety of this place. You can order so many things.

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Love this place, I probably will sound like one of the employees (totally am not). I order the french toast with eggs and bacon almost every morning. I prefer my eggs boiled (twice they ignored it and my request for pepper/salt but it was still good). They have now given me way too much salt and pepper on the side, which is good haha and now give me hard boiled eggs :)


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We love Liberty! Always on time and always delicious. Our go to pizza place. If only they were open later! Other places have mediocre food with terrible service and they're late or forget part of your order. Liberty is reliable and delicious! Would recommend to anyone!


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Tried this place out for the first time and I'm so glad I did! Great price for large portions (the BBQ Quesadilla can easily feed 4 people!) They were timely in delivering my food and very polite. I'll definitely order from this place again:)


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Vegetarian pizza is awesome! They're quick and the food is fresh, tasty, and relatively cheap.


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One of my favorite pizza places in Philly.

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